Searching for Trustpilot Alternatives? Sitejabber vs Trustpilot

Choosing the right reviews platform is more than just getting reviews. This page compares two of the top review management platforms to help you choose the right software for your business.

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While there is an ever-growing number of review websites, Sitejabber and Trustpilot are two of the most well-established and visible review platforms online. Both platforms provide marketing teams with a robust suite of tools for collecting and displaying reviews. However, the differences start to emerge when you look at how both platforms were built, and how that foundation contributes to the end user client experience. This page will help you understand the differences between Sitejabber and Trustpilot, so you can choose the right reviews platform for your growing business.

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What does Sitejabber do?

Sitejabber is a reviews platform that helps manage your company’s reputation across the web. It provides a single dashboard to help you collect and monitor your reviews across any number of consumer-facing review platforms, enabling you to take control of how you appear to prospective customers. Sitejabber is a private company headquartered in San Mateo, California and built its suite of business tools entirely upon the constantly evolving needs and feedback of its customers.

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What does Trustpilot do?

Trustpilot is a reviews platform that focuses on enabling businesses to collect and market their reviews. Trustpilot grew through raising over $200M in venture capital and is now a public company (TRST). With obligations to external stakeholders, companies like Trustpilot have pressure to grow and generate revenue quickly. This has led some of their clients to complain about their business practices. And while their overhead and focus on profitability may make Trustpilot seem less responsive to the needs of businesses, the company provides a good out-of-the-box solution.

  Sitejabber Trustpilot
Public-facing reviews page
Google Seller Ratings Partner
Dedicated onboarding and support manager
Rapid feature development based on feedback
Manage reviews across the web
Flexible pricing based on business size
No annual contract required
Company status Private Public
Headquarters US Europe
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Feature Comparison

While Sitejabber and Trustpilot offer many of the same features, there are some significant differences in how each platform approaches reputation management and review collection. See how Sitejabber and Trustpilot compare across some of the most important feature categories and how well they align with your company’s reviews strategy.

Review and Reputation Management

Sitejabber uses a unique multiple-step review collection process that results in businesses collecting up to 150x the number of reviews they would collect on other review platforms. In addition, Sitejabber has spent years optimizing each step of the review collection process to achieve industry-leading review conversion rates.

When it comes to reputation management, Sitejabber takes a holistic approach. To maximize visibility, Sitejabber’s proprietary tools help businesses improve their ratings and reviews on platforms across the web. Businesses are able to monitor all their reviews in a single dashboard and use a 30-day window to address issues before a review is published. This allows businesses to investigate and address any potential problems, as well as gives each reviewer a chance to update their rating after the business reaches out to them.

Trustpilot uses a standard review collection approach that results in conversion rates more in line with industry averages. Trustpilot also limits the different ways businesses can collect reviews to exert more control over its ability to verify reviews solicited by business owners. Trustpilot offers tools to collect and manage reviews only on the Trustpilot platform and sees itself as the most important reviews platform for businesses online.

Sitejabber Trustpilot
Import customer lists
Email invitations
Review request API
Checkout page survey
Distribute customers to other review platforms
Monitor reviews from other review platforms
30-day resolution period

User-Generated Content

Sitejabber prompts business customers to include photos and videos when submitting a brand review. This helps businesses verify the authenticity of the reviews, as well as leads to more engaging content that businesses can showcase to future potential customers. Sitejabber also provides photo and video tools for product reviews as well.

Trustpilot prompts customers for only text reviews in a more simplified, streamlined review collection flow when it comes to brand reviews. This keeps the experience simpler and less time-consuming for customers, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will leave a review. However, Trustpilot has photo and video functionality for product reviews.

Sitejabber Trustpilot
Brand review photos
Brand video reviews
Product review photos
Product video reviews
Text reviews


Sitejabber allows businesses to customize almost every step of the review management process, including email messaging, review display widgets, and their public reviews page. One of the more powerful customization options is the ability to create custom survey questions that can be used for customer experience and market research.

Trustpilot has some of the best review display widgets in the industry and provides many customization options to ensure the widgets blend in seamlessly to a business’s website. They also allow limited customization of the public reviews page to help generate leads for the business.

Sitejabber Trustpilot
Custom survey questions
Custom email messaging
Customizable display widgets
Customizable review page


Sitejabber combines customer survey responses, Net Promoter Scores, and sentiment analysis from all reviews collected for a business across the web into a single insights dashboard. These insights help empower businesses to understand what aspects of their business are working and what needs to be improved.

Trustpilot also offers sentiment analysis on reviews collected on its platform by analyzing the content of reviews and surfacing trends around different topics and keywords. 

Sitejabber Trustpilot
Custom survey answers
NPS surveys
Insights from reviews on other review platforms
Sentiment / topic analysis

Product Reviews

Sitejabber allows businesses to collect feedback from customers around why they purchased certain products and what factors were most important to them. Product review request emails are also sent to solicit feedback after products have been delivered.

Trustpilot sends product review request emails to collect product reviews after customers have received their product or service. Both platforms allow businesses to display product reviews on their websites through review display widgets. 

Sitejabber Trustpilot
Instant product feedback
Marketing survey questions
Email invitations
Product review widgets


Sitejabber allows businesses to display promotional videos and images on their public-facing review pages in order to increase engagement, click-throughs, and conversions. Sitejabber also features a business’s most popular products with links directly to product pages where the customer can make a purchase.

Trustpilot has robust social media integration tools which allow businesses to incorporate and feature their best reviews in marketing campaigns and social media posts. Trustpilot also enables businesses to track how much traffic it sends back to a business’s website.

Sitejabber Trustpilot
Promotional images on profile page
Promotional videos on profile page
Product reviews with links to product pages
Review page links back to business website
Social media sharing

Subscription Terms

Sitejabber offers flexible subscription terms and pricing that are based on a company’s size, unique business needs, and industry. As long as a business stays a customer, they are grandfathered into the initial pricing that they were offered when they first signed up.

Trustpilot offers only annual contracts and is known to increase pricing from year-to-year.

Sitejabber Trustpilot
Pricing based on company / industry
No annual contract required
Locked (grandfathered) pricing
Module / feature-based pricing

We initially used Trustpilot until we switched over to Sitejabber. We found Sitejabber to be more effective, useful and responsive than all the other review platforms we’ve used. With Sitejabber, we quickly experienced a positive impact on our Google Shopping ads and earned Google Seller Ratings stars in our Google ads.

Aaron Layne, CMO, Inspire Uplift

We’ve used both Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Sitejabber is simply more innovative when it comes to addressing the needs of business owners. They adapt quickly and launch features based on real issues encountered by our business. Because of this, Sitejabber has been absolutely amazing to help us manage all of our reviews, positive and negative across multiple platforms.

Kenneth Chan, CEO, Tobi

Sitejabber was so effective at quickly increasing our star rating on Sitejabber and across the web. It was fast, they are now our exclusive review partner, we don’t need anybody else.

Mark Rukavina, Founder & CEO, iMemories
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When to choose Sitejabber

  • You want a consultative marketing strategy partner
  • You’re looking for flexible pricing and commitment plans
  • You require a solution customized to your specific business
  • You expect quick turnaround on feature and support requests
Trustpilot dart icon

When to choose Trustpilot

  • Trustpilot is the most important review platform for your customers
  • Size of partner company is important to you
  • You have a standard review collection process and strategy
  • You’re willing to commit to an annual contract

Summary: when to choose Sitejabber vs Trustpilot

When comparing Sitejabber and Trustpilot side-by-side, both platforms have similar features. As you choose your reviews platform, it’s about deciding which one fits better into your overall reviews strategy and marketing budget.

Sitejabber approaches reviews from a high-level, more holistic perspective, ensuring that your business gets the most exposure in all the places that matter most to your customers.

However, if your customers are mostly focused on Trustpilot, their robust set of features may be the best choice for your business.

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