Is Your COVID-19 Shopping Supporting Your Political Values?

With the 2020 presidential elections right around the corner, it is important to vote and make a difference. But there’s another, less obvious way you can support your values – your shopping!

Americans inadvertently donate three times more to politicians through their purchases than they donate on purpose. So where’s your money going? Use our infographic to see if your current shopping supports your values, or find alternatives.

In partnership with Goods Unite Us, we’re letting you know how you can support your values through your shopping during COVID-19. Getting your meals delivered and want to support Republican values? Consider ordering through Doordash instead of Uber Eats. Wanting to support Democratic values when signing up for video conferencing? Check out Skype, GoToMeeting, and more.

Data on the political affiliation of each company is collected by Goods Unite Us, a team spending tens of thousands of hours researching corporate politics. Want the political affiliations of more brands? Look up your favorite brands on Sitejabber to find not only reviews, but their political party icon as well.

To learn more about the Sitejabber and Goods Unite Us partnership, check out our blog here.