This is Not a Drill – We Have a New Logo

So, yeah. We’re looking a little… well, a lot different.

Brighter. Fresher. With a lot more pop and sparkle.

But this didn’t come about simply because our design team got bored and wanted to play with pretty colors. No, it was a concerted effort – spanning six weeks and approximately 257 cups of coffee  ☕

We had a singular focus: to better visually represent how Sitejabber is there for our users… *cue new tagline*

empowering buyers

elevating brands

So, without further ado, meet our new logo:

Why the change?

This milestone marks the start of a new era for Sitejabber as we power up to better connect with each of our amazing customers – and customers-to-be.

Our old logo has sat untouched in what seems like forever… and while we’re proud of our many years of experience in the reviews and reputation space, there’s no reason why we need to “look our age” 😉

The old Sitejabber logo

Not bad, but not great. It felt a bit dated, too sharp and “jabby”, and not very exciting – all in contrast with our current company culture and mission. We feel it no longer reflects who we are as we move into 2023. 

We wanted an update to better encapsulate what we do, and more accurately depict how we serve our two-sided marketplace. 

What powers us all

Reviews are the heart of our platform and the businesses we support. And whether you’re on the buyer or company side, it’s honest ratings and reviews that fuel us. 

After all, reviews drive smart purchasing decisions – and business growth, as companies adapt to better meet the needs of their customers.

You’ll find elements of this core message depicted in our new logo:

  • Buyers –  the multi-colored lines, representing the diverse backgrounds and opinions of our reviewers, who leave…
  • Reviews – the shooting star at the core, which powers…
  • Businesses – the rocket, representing our business customers, so they can continue to grow and better serve their buyers 

You’ll also notice softer lines and colors that create a warm, inviting appearance – and a more modern look and feel.

What’s next?

Keep your eyes peeled for more to come, such as visual updates across our website and third-party sites, including social media. 

‘Cause this is just the beginning… 🙂

The Sitejabber Marketing Team 🚀