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Amazon shipments sabotaged during Corona pandemic

A birthday gift for my friend in Florida arrived on time, and the package looked fine... sealed and no signs of tampering. But inside the box, the Godiva birthday truffle package had been opened and half the contents gone and a 2 lb container of cashews was also unsealed and half the contents gone. My friend is aware of the press that Amazon workers felt their safety was being neglected by their Amazon employer, and he feared that further handling of the delivery could have infectious consequences, so he carefully bagged and discarded the delivery, and carefully disinfected the area. I tried contacting Amazon or the sellers and my only option was to write a review: the phones are no longer manned and email is not available. I write here to encourage anyone receiving an order that has been clearly tampered with... especially food... to dispose of the items immediately as my friend did! I will not be ordering edibles from Amazon until they get their house in order.

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  • over 1 year ago
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You must remember... and be careful when shopping on AMAZON... many items are 3rd party items, and not mailed from Amazon, but thru a 3rd party. I have had issues a few times with 3rd party sellers on Amazon and Make them aware so they can review and take the seller to account or be removed.

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Alan B is absolutely right in that. I do sometimes buy on amazon but only items shipped from their own warehouses (which themselves are often terrible sweatshops). I also never NEVER buy food or health related things there. Also in cases like Joan M reported, take pictures of the shipment & report them. Also use the photo's for doing a chargeback as what was done to her is clearly very illegal.

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Regarding 3rd parties and Amazon. When you search for a item…. Amazon will always put their item up first. If you scroll down and continue scrolling you will see the EXACT same item by the same manufacturer…. But selling through a 3rd party for slightly less. You will see your item posted sometimes more than twice, but selling from other companies. I might pay a few cents more, but I'd rather go through ANAZON if you need a fast refund. It has never failed me. I saw an item far, far less expensive on Amazon but offered through 3rd party.The item literally was be mailed from CHINESE postal service and having to clear US customs …. But failed once it hit the US postal service. I added another 3 weeks for tracking. Was it worth it? Of course not! P. S I got the item…the package battered but heavily taped.

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Yes this is very frequent

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